Friday, June 19, 2015

19th Children's Drawing Contest “Éste es mi México”

19th Children's Drawing Contest
“Éste es mi México”

Mountains, jungles, cities, towns, archaeological sites and beaches. Do you
have a favorite place in Mexico? Do you want to know more about Mexico?

This is your chance!

Have you ever been there? What have your parents, your family, friends or your
teachers told you about our beautiful country? With imagination and fantasy, you can
use a drawing to express your favorite place in Mexico 
and what Mexico meansto you.

Choose your favorite place. Where is it located? You can be inspired by history,
culture, art, food, natural wealth, people, traditional festivities… We invite you to look
through your books, in the library, on the internet or on sites that you prefer.
What are you waiting for? Capture your favorite place in Mexico in a drawing. Use
your imagination and get to know Mexico.

Participate and tell us!

What do you need to participate?:

You must be between 7 and 11 years old and live outside Mexico (of any nationality).

You must create your art on a square piece of paper
(30 cm x 30 cm or 12” x 12”). You can use brushes, pencils,
acrylics, water paints, crayons, or whatever other drawing
technique inspires you.

In your drawing, capture everything that you remember of
your visit to Mexico, what your favorite site is, or what you
have learned about Mexico.

Remember to choose your favorite place in Mexico.
Sign and date your drawing!

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