Monday, May 4, 2015

MEXICAN MOVIE NIGHT SERIES: screening of the movie “PENUMBRA” By director Eduardo Villanueva


The Consulate of Mexico in New Orleans
cordially invites you to
the screening of the movie

By director Eduardo Villanueva

Friday May 8th, 2015 
Starting at 6:00pm
Free admission

at the Art Gallery of the Consulate of mexico
901 Convention Center Blvd. Suite 118, New Orleans, LA 70130

Synopsis for Penumbra:

A rural Mexican couple, poor and decades past their prime carry about their ritualistic, day-to-day lives awaiting the inevitable, in this pensive film from Mexican director Eduardo Villanueva.. The man, Adelelmo Jimenez, whose face tells stories that his words never do, goes on hunting trips into the woods, setting traps for wild animals and gathering medicinal plants. Meanwhile, his wife, Dolores, tends to their provincial home, washing dishes and preparing whatever meal she can make with what Adelelmo brings home, all the while mourning the death of her son, who was stabbed to death while trying to cross into the U.S.

Like the films of fellow Mexican auteur Carlos Regadas, Penumbra appreciates stillness and likes to linger, oftentimes at length on beautiful imagery. Shot almost exclusively during the magic-hour, right before the sun settles into night (the title means “partially shadowed”), the film examines the quiet twilight of a one couple’s life and finds the beauty in that transitional period from life to death.


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